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About Us

Waterland Performance Physical Therapy

Waterland Performance operates as a private pay (cash based) practice outside of the framework of traditional insurance. This allows us to put our patients first, and dedicate the entirety of each appointment to meeting their goals, without wasting time jumping through the performative hoops demanded by insurance companies.

We understand that the out-of-pocket cost per appointment may be higher than a more traditional copay, but removing those restrictions increases the individualized options available for your treatment which expedites the process and can drastically reduce the number of appointments needed to reach your goals.

Whether you’re trying to prevent or recover from an injury, training for an upcoming event, or simply looking for a guide to better fitness, our providers will create an individualized plan and deliver one-on-one care and coaching.

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Our Mission

The mission of all providers in the Waterland Performance space is to provide the highest quality physical therapy, training, service and education to all people. We meet our patients and clients where they are, without unrealistic expectations and demands, to identify and work towards performance improvement goals and optimize holistic wellness.

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