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Physical Therapy Philosophy

It is important to involve medical professionals, such as physiotherapists, athletic trainers, and sports medicine physicians, in the rehabilitation process. Rehabilitation programs should be progressive, starting with basic exercises and gradually increasing intensity and complexity as the athlete’s condition improves.

Returning to play should not occur until the athlete is fully recovered, as a premature return to activity can result in re-injury or further damage. Also important is prevention of future injuries through proper training, warm-up, and conditioning, with continued monitoring and maintenance of rehabilitated areas.

Our Mission

The mission of all the providers in the Waterland Performance space is to provide the highest quality health, fitness, wellness, and education services with an individualized focus. We meet our patients and clients where they are, without unrealistic expectations or demands, to identify and work towards performance improvement goals and optimize holistic wellness.  We are committed to this endeavor as individual practitioners but also as a group.